Mitsubishi HVAC Products

Mitsubishi HVAC Products

Eco-comfort technology makes these systems smarter in how they use energy and minimizes their impact on the environment while saving you money at the same time.


Residential Installations

Mitsubishi Mini-Split systems

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems are dramatically more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Utilizing INVERTER-driven compressors, these systems automatically adjust to changing conditions to deliver ideal comfort while only using the energy that is needed. No more. No less. As a result, mini split systems are up to 40% more efficient than standard window units for cooling and our heating performance is far superior to traditional heat pumps. All this technological innovation means you reduce your energy consumption and can save money on your energy costs while enjoying the comfort of your office. Why pay to cool/heat your office all year long when you only work in one place at a time? With Mitsubishi Electric, you can actively condition the rooms you work in; the other rooms simply turn off or setback. Zoning your office to how you live using Mitsubishi Electric allows you to save energy while maximizing your personal comfort.